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AFDEX Advanced Customized Training

AFDEX (Advisor for metal Forming process and Design Expert) is a general-purpose metal forming simulator based on rigid-elasto/thermo/viscoplastic finite element method, specialized in forging and other bulk forming processes. AFDEX can predict forming loads to assist in selecting appropriate presses and also to develop and optimize the metal forming processes.

This 2-day training is offered to customers who already have basic knowledge of AFDEX and would like to be trained on their dedicated process. As metal forming processes are wide and very creative, the training program contents can be greatly customized based on the specific processes you want.  If processes and models are provided in advance, we can come up with a tailor made training content and program.

Click here, to request a quote for this on-demand training course.

Sample Training Agenda

  • Understanding the trainee's manufacturing process and operating parameters
  • Sharing relevant simulation examples from our extensive data bank of simulations
  • Step by step tutorials and methodology for the trainee’s problem
  • Intelligent and adaptive remeshing techniques
  • General tips and tricks for efficient simulation results

Please note that training will be customized to your specific needs. Submit form to contact us.

Who should attend?
This training would be benefitial to process design engineers, die manufacturers and simulation engineers and technicians.


Identification of die fracture region Cold forging process simulation of a ball stud

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