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Altair SimLab - Introduction to Non-Linear Analysis

Altair SimLab - Introduction to Non-Linear Analysis

Mandatory Prerequisite: This course requires fundamental knowledge from Altair SimLab. We prefer previous participation in Altair SimLab - Introduction or in Altair SimLab Basic classroom course.


This course is a theory application to solve Non-linear and Dynamics structural problems. The student will learn how to define Material, Geometric, Contact and Loadings non-linearity.


Nonlinear Solutions and Methods:

  • Introduction to Nonlinear Solutions and Methods
  • Nonlinear Materials
  • Nonlinear Geometry
  • Contact Modeling
  • Nonlinear Loading
  • Debugging non-converged nonlinear model

Class Format:
  • Online, Instructor led
  • 1 day, 3 hours
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises

Language: English
Suggested Follow-up Courses: Altair OptiStruct

In case of any questions please contact
Global Tech Training Team
E-Mail: globaltech-training@altair.com

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