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HyperForm Introduction

1-Step and Incremental Stamping Simulation

Altair HyperForm is a comprehensive FE-based sheet metal forming simulation framework. HyperForm leverages years of Altair’s experience in manufacturing simulation and process design to help develop the optimal manufacturing process. The unique HyperForm environment includes:
  • Accurate blank-shape prediction and intuitive nesting interface.
  • The fastest inverse solver for quick one-step analysis
  • Parametric and NURBS Surface based die face development tool
  • Comprehensive interface to perform incremental analysis with auto-setup and multi-stage manager for hands-off job execution

Class Format
  • 2 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student to a computer


  • General Introduction
  • Geometry cleanup
  • Automeshing
  • Mesh Quality
  • Model Preparation
  • 1-Step stamping simulation Increasing Blank Holder Pressure
  • Applying Draw Beads and Performing Circle Grid Analysis
  • Transferring Forming Results into Crash
  • Laser Weld
  • Trim Line Layout
  • Die Module-Basic Addendum Creation
  • Die Module-Designing a Parametric Addendum
  • Modifying a Parametric Addendum
  • Parameterization of external binder and addendum sections using section editor
  • Introduction to Incremental Simulation
  • Auto Process
  • Simple draw forming – Manual Setup
  • Combined Binder wrap and Draw Forming Analysis – Manual Setup
  • Draw Beads – Manual Setup
  • Spring Back – Manual Setup
  • Trimming – Manual Setup
  • Gravity – Manual Setup
  • Redraw– Manual Setup
  • Multi-Stage Manager
  • Tube bending
  • Hydro forming
  • Blank Optimizer

Suggested Follow-up Courses
  • None

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